TOKUREEの酒器は、400年の歴史のある九州・佐賀県嬉野市、肥前吉田で作られています。 16世紀、韓国からの専門家の一人が製陶方法を有田焼と同じように肥前吉田焼として伝えました。日本の最高品質の磁器の原料と考えられる純白の磁器岩は、九州・天草地方から来ています。

時代は昭和(1926 - 1989年)に入り、肥前吉田焼はユニークな道を歩み続け、実用的で幅広く利用可能なうつわに焦点を当てながら、数億個もの陶磁器を生産しました。 その中でも水玉模様のうつわは時代の象徴的なモチーフになり、日本人一人一人が昭和の思い出として心に残っています。


TOKUREE's Sake vessels are made in Hizen-Yoshida in Saga prefecture, Kyushu Japan, with 400 years of practice of making porcelain ware. As one of original professionals from Korea in 16th century, Hizen Yoshida-yaki equally achieved its early fame as Arita for its all hand thrown fine porcelain ware with intricate hand painting on the surface. The pure white porcelain rock comes from Amakusa area, considered as the highest quality porcelain in Japan.

In the Showa era (1926 – 1989), Hizen Yoshida took a unique path and focused on utilitarian and widely accessible tableware, and they produced hundreds of millions of them across Japan. Its signature model polka dots became iconic motif, which every Japanese person would recognize as the heritage of Showa era.

TOKUREE is made with the same philosophy in hopes for widely prevalent.